About me

Being passionate about training and living a healthy lifestyle led me to qualify as a personal trainer in 2011. My goal is to have the most positive impact that I can on the lives of people that I work with; helping them to become the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves and therefore ultimately helping them achieve their body composition and fitness goals.


Personal Training:

My passion for training revolves around strength training. My training philosophy involves using appropriate  strength/resistance training methods combined with a healthy/balanced lifestyle to help achieve amazing body transformations. For me resistance training particularly in women is still overlooked when looking to achieve the body composition you want. I enjoy working with women who have never lifted weights, have little confidence in the gym and making them stronger, more confident, fitter and leaner. Equally I have also helped progress the more confident gym users by using more advanced training techniques.



“Pamela is the best personal trainer I’ve worked with. I always leave her sessions feeling like I’ve worked hard and that its been time well spent. She’s encouraging but firm and will not let me give any less than 100%. She’s quick to notice any weaknesses and will adapt exercises accordingly. Genuinely would not go anywhere else for my fitness needs. Very happy with my results.

Mel, 39. Lecturer.”



• Level 3 Personal Trainer (Lifetime Fitness)

• Lifetime Fitness Level 2 Fitness Instructor

• Diploma in Sport Science

• Pre & Post Natal Instructor (Lifetime Fitness)

• Studio Cycle Instructor


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Telephone: 07779104075


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About me

I always have been passionate about health, fitness, and nutrition. I find exercising the only way to release tension and recharge my body and find my strength in everyday life. Now more than ever I believe the only way to overcome stress, reach longevity and stay in shape is by leading an active life and following a balanced healthy diet. 


Everyone has the power to reach their fitness goal, no matter at what age and what fitness level, I am here to help you to change your life in the simplest and most realistic way possible. 


I care about my clients and their needs and I treat their goals like my own personal goals no matter how big or small. Sometimes this can be a small step like being more confident on the gym floor or other times  could be to lose 10 kg for a special event! 



My job is to focus on you and your needs; I will design an individual training program based on your goals, your body dynamic movement skills, your progressions and adaptations to training, alongside a  nutritional plan set on your goals and assessment. 

I will support you every step of the way, I will motivate you and help you to step out of your comfort zone when you need to. We will be in this fitness journey together: believing its achieving!


Weight loss
Muscle building
Improve body composition
General fitness


Working on muscle imbalance and core stabilisation 

Design programs following a progressive movement 


Nasm Level3 personal trainer
Level 2 fitness instructor
Applied nutrition
TRX instructor

Please ask me how you can achieve your training goals this year. Contact me for a free PT tester session.
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About me

Basing my childhood and teenage years around fitness and sport, it was an easy choice to then become a personal trainer. When I was younger I gave anything a go and particularly enjoyed football and running. As I grew up I began to appreciate the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle  and after leaving school I decided to continue in educating myself in health and fitness and how I could turn something I was very interested in into a career. 


What I can do for you


If you decide you want to personal train with me then we will sit down and go through your five main goals and give them time scales in terms of importance to you and how realistic those goals are. We will then complete some simple body measurements to see where you are and ascertain where you should be next time these measurements are carried out.


What I specialise in


• Weight Loss  

• Muscle Building 

• Toning and Reduction in body fat

• Increase in Energy Levels

• Reduction in stress levels and anxiety


Personal Training


Personal Training is more than just an hour or two in the gym. It’s a chance to help change    someone’s lifestyle, their outlook on fitness, their diet and their approach to exercise. No matter your goals I know I can help you achieve them.



• Level 3 Personal Trainer

• Level 2 Gym Instructor

• Circuit Instructor

• Aqua Instructor

• Weight and Nutrition management

• Spin instructor

• Boxing Level 1 instructor


Telephone 07896707681


Please ask me how you can achieve your training goals. I will offer you some guidance  with no obligation.




About me

I eat, sleep and breathe health and fitness. Health and fitness has formed the foundation of my social, academic and working life for as long as I can remember. From freelance personal trainer of 10 years to strength and conditioning coach for professional football clubs I have continued to evolve my method of training and dietary advice. I have a real passion for training and it’s probably my most important trait. I believe in what I do and I work extremely hard in order for you to come out of this process happier, more confident, healthier and more importantly with the physique you want!


Away from Personal Training I am the First Team Fitness Coach/Head of Sport Science & Medicine for Stevenage Football Club, I’ve recently completed the London & Edinburgh Marathons, train very hard and eat very clean, continue to research the field of strength & conditioning as this will only benefit the transformations of my clients, and seem to be forever walking, cycling or running with my Labrador who on occasions I’m sure is training me rather than the other way around!


Personal Training


My strengths are in physiology and biomechanics, knowing how the body works and what exactly is happening to your body while you train is crucial if you are going to get the results you’re looking for. I can guarantee if you are prepared to work hard and follow my advice, your fat loss goal is achievable! Your tailored programme will be specific to you and your goal with the aim of producing healthy and permanent life changing results in the minimum time possible.


Some of my clients greatest achievements:


• Lost 21kg in 10 weeks: That was 92kg to 71kg (3½ stone in 24 sessions).

• 14% body fat reduction: An incredible body transformation.

• Cycled 500km across Zambia: With no previous endurance cycling experience.

• Rehabilitation of knee cruciate ligament injury: Allowing many more skiing holidays.

• Marathon and Iron man completed: Previous competitor but two new PB’s set.



• MSc Strength and Conditioning (Distinction/First Honours)

• BSc Sport, Health and Exercise Science (First Class Honours)

• Lifetime Fitness Certified Personal Trainer

• Lifetime Fitness Level 2 Fitness Instructor

• Boxercise Instructor

• FA Qualified Football Coach


Telephone:  07929464017




About me

I qualified as a (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer in 2005, whilst studying for my BSc Degree in Sports Therapy. I started working straight away, first as a fitness instructor and then taking on private personal training clients once I graduated from university in 2008 and could devote more time to them.


I have always been fascinated by the human body and how it works. This leads me to being very passionate about what I do. I am sure you would have found this out if you have ever asked me a question relating to health, fitness or nutrition as I can tend to talk for ever on these subjects. It is definitely also reflected in my coaching style. I take quite a methodical approach combining science and experience when working with my clients. I believe it is important to educate, as well as motivate and direct, after all my time spent one on one with clients is limited to a few hours a week, the rest of the time they have to put the work in and be disciplined themselves, even if I am only a phone call away.


Personal Training


The one thing that underlines my work with all my clients is injury prevention. Having the knowledge I gained from my degree I recognise the importance of keeping the body well balanced and the joints stabilised. For this reason no matter what your goal there will be an element of this in everyone's programme design, even if its not necessarily recognisable by you.


More recently my interests have turned largely towards nutrition, completing 2 separate nutrition related certifications in the last year. The most recent being BioSignature Modulation, which is a non invasive assessment that correlates hormone imbalances in the body, which can lead to stubborn body fat stores and health issues. I am currently taking on clients for this assessment but I will be limiting how many people I will have signed up at one time, so if interested get in contact.



Bsc. Sports Therapist

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Precision Nutrition Coach level  1

Biosignature Modulation Practitioner  level 1

Corrective Exercise Specialist

Junior Athletic Conditioning Specialist


Call or text me on 07912448049 for any further information or enquires.




About me

I first got involved with the gym to improve my fitness and strength for football. I played competitively for both Queens Park Rangers F.C. and Fulham’s Academy. I really enjoyed my time in the gym and was happy with the results I achieved. 


However, I wanted to learn more to continue my improvement. I believe exercise should be something to look forward to rather than something to dread. I take a fun, motivational, varied and understanding approach with all my clients to produce great results!


Whatever it is you want to achieve, it’s always easier with someone by your side, and I design tailor made exercise programmes specific to your individual needs, whatever they may be. My motivation is seeing members achieve their goals. I guarantee each session will be effective, but also enjoyable. I have been at The River Club for 10 years and have helped lots of members to achieve the results they want and deserve.


Feedback from a few of  my existing clients…


“I have achieved so much since I have been training with Elliot. I have toned up and in consequence lost weight which in my case was a good thing! I am 1000% fitter and can now run 10km instead of 10 foot!!! Exceptional results.”

Gillian Green


“I have achieved all my goals :- lost weight leading to a healthier body. I have gained confidence and become a much calmer person in the process. I look forward to events (nights out) instead of dreading them as I use to. I can now stay awake in the evenings – before I was falling asleep, getting very grumpy and was simply miserable (my husbands words).”

Carol Jennings


“Since I started training with Elliot I have started to run on the treadmill – amazing. Huge increase in fitness and lost 22kg  (48lbs) in 7 months. Helped me adjust my lifestyle as well as the hard work. Thank you Elliot, you have helped me so much.”

Diana Cassell


Personal Training

I know i can help anyone to achieve the results they want, whether that be to lose weight, tone up or to increase strength or size.




• Nutrition

• Advanced fitness

• Lifestyle and fitness assessment

• Training environments

• Diploma in Sports Science

• Strike (Boxing based qualification)

• BodyPump Qualified

• Keiser cycle (Spinning)

• Level 3 Personal Trainer


Telephone 07984 412381 for more information.




About me

Working out and staying in shape is something I have always loved doing.  Being able to help others reach their goal is something I consider myself lucky to be able to do. 

I believe we can all reach our goals no matter what our ages and fitness levels. I have often had people tell me that they can't run or they can't do push ups for example, however I always tell them they can, they just need to learn how to. 

I believe in finding the best way for each person to train, we are all individual, with our own needs and one programme does not fit all.  I will show you how to reach your goals and help you find ways to reach them that you will enjoy.  I don't believe in making people do something they hate, in my experience that just has the opposite effect and puts the client off coming to the gym.

It's never too late to set yourself a new challenge, it can often help keep you motivated if you have a goal to work towards. It might be to be able to run 2k or to learn how to do a full push up, or finally lose those last few pounds. Whatever it is, you can do it.

When it comes to keeping fit and building the body you want you need to make sure you are eating correctly too, no one can out run a bad diet. So along with your gym goals I can help you set nutrition goals as well to ensure you are the healthiest you can be in all aspects. It's not about a quick fix or a crazy fad diet, we all need balance and the correct nutrients. You wouldn't fill your car up with the wrong petrol, so why fill your body up with the wrong food.


• Personal Trainer Level 3

• Gym Instructor Level 2

• Nutritional Therapist

• Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor

If you would like to speak to me regarding Personal Training or Nutrition just call me on the number below and I will be happy to help.

Suzanne Lawlor - age 45

07931 926 025